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Blaz Robar

Blaz Robar

Blaz Robar is Melbourne Geek’s lead designer. He graduated with honours in a Bachelor of Communication Design in 2008 at Swinburne University of Design. He is currently a director at web studio Eleven Media. Blaz is constantly honing his craft by sinking his teeth into a variety of different projects, from corporate websites to personal blogs. When Blaz isn’t working on client’s websites, he is giving away free resources to the online design community at www.BlazRobar.com.

Blaz is responsible for the new look and feel of Melbourne Geek, so if you don’t like the new look, send the hate mail to him – [email protected]

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Get your 2012 Melbourne Geek wallpapers

Get your 2012 Melbourne Geek wallpapers

Two great style and 3 size formats.

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