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About the author Josh Janssen

Josh is a Melbourne Blogger, Filmmaker/Video Editor and online consultant who enjoys the web, photography, graphic design, writing and travel. Josh is the founder of Melbourne Geek.

About the author Mateusz Michalik

Mateusz "Wizard" Michalik, is a Melbourne based web developer who enjoys videos games from the 80's, 90's and beyond 2000. His first gaming console was a C64, and his favourite dinosaur is the Stegosaurus.

About the author Aaron Rutley

Aaron Rutley is a WordPress developer, Snowboarder, Live Music Fan, Traveller & one half of Melbourne based Web Design Studio Eleven Media.

About the author Blaz Robar

Blaz Robar is Melbourne Geek's lead designer. He graduated with honours in a Bachelor of Communication Design in 2008 at Swinburne University of Design. He is currently a director at web studio Eleven Media.

About the author Chris Heywood

Chris is a Melbourne-based creative with a schwing for illustration, writing, and old Italian typewriters. He recently downgraded his pudgy console empire to the leaner, meaner ‘Dream Team’ of a SNES, a Dreamcast, and a slim PS3.

About the author Greg Blakey

Greg "eggy" Blakey, is a Melbourne based DP and Film Maker. He loves all things art, film, and beard related.

About the author Jamie Stafford

The John Elway of gaming reviews, Jamie Stafford is a University Administrator based in Melbourne. The first game he owned was "Gauntlet" for the Atari 2600, and he can do 62 pushups in a row without stopping for a break.

About the author Margaret Wieringa

Margaret is taking some time from education to pursue a career in writing. Between short stories, a novel, a romance, plays and screenplays, she posts a daily fictional first draft post at her blog. http://59seconds.posterous.com/