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A Melbourne Blog dedicated to geeks!

Melbourne Geek was established on April 30th, 2011 by Melbourne content creator Josh Janssen. Initially, Melbourne Geek was predominately a video show, with blogging playing a small part in the project. A month after launching, it became clear that the blogging component of Melbourne Geek had a lot of potential and it was then decided to focus on the blog content over the episodes. Melbourne Geek will still be producing weekly videos in 2012.

The Melbourne Geeks behind the blog

Check out the people who write for Melbourne Geek – http://www.melbournegeek.com/editor-profiles/

What is a geek?

Geeks are people with extreme obsessions, normally relating to technology. They have a camera always at their side, they are on their phone way too much and they regularly get into long conversations about the the future of the Internet.

The Blog

Setting itself apart from other blogs, Melbourne Geek strives to deliver a diverse range of content. From gadget and book reviews, to the latest local event information, with each piece containing a flavour of Melbourne relevance that is rarely seen on the web. Melbourne Geek has expanded into a range of topics, which has resulted in a number of guest bloggers writing for Melbourne Geek. Guest writers on Melbourne Geek have covered topics including: The 2011 Melbourne International Film Festival, technology in education and gaming.

Melbourne Geek Video

In 2012, we will be producing unique video content every week. All our video content can be found on our Melbourne Geek YouTube Channel.

How can I get in contact with you?

Melbourne Geek would love to hear from you. Contact us here.

Josh Janssen is the founder of Full Stack Films, specialising in video production in Melbourne and beyond.