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Predestination Review

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Predestination Review

2nd October by

It’s a time travel film, so forgive me for getting lost as to whether it is the past, the future, the present, an alternative present; it is this confusion that makes the tricks and games of this genre of films really work. Let me start it again;

It is at a point in time in a world like ours but with a few people who are able to travel through time.

Agents, like The Bartender (Ethan Hawke), who is trying to track down a bomber and stop him from killing thousands. His boss is Mr Robertson (Noah Taylor), and then there is the story of The Unmarried Mother (Sarah Snook), a mysterious character who has a terribly sad story to tell.

There is a lot that works so well for this film. It was wonderful to see Ethan Hawke back at his best, and Sarah Snook was also wonderful.

The storylines became necessarily convoluted, but I was totally engaged, mostly because of how much I liked the characters.

I would say, however, that if it were the intent of The Spierig Brothers to create a story that had great twists and turns, it didn’t work that way for the viewer. For me, I didn’t mind that I could pick where the plot was going; there was pleasure in seeing the characters make the connections.


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