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Giovanni’s Island MIFF Review

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Giovanni’s Island MIFF Review

20th August by

Japan/Russia/Korea  102 Mins

Giovanni and his family live of a small island in Japan. He and his brothers are named after characters in his father’s favourite book.

After Japan surrenders at the end of World War II, the community needs to deal with being taken over by the Soviets and what this means for their lives, being separated from loved ones and taken from their home.

It’s a beautiful story with stunning animation, although at times it pushes well into sentimental, melodramatic territory. I think it would be a good and fun teaching tool for younger year levels learning about the less reported parts of World War II.

Giovanni’s Island  is screening  at 11am on Sunday August 10 and on Sunday August 17 at ACMI. Book tickets at MIFF or call 9662 3722

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