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The Best Offer Review

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The Best Offer Review

28th August by

Virgil Oldman (Geoffrey Rush) is an eccentric auctioneer who commands the highest respect of those in the art world. He is always wearing gloves and is very particular about how he does what he does. When he is commissioned to handle the categorization of the belongings of an elusive woman, Claire (Sylvia Hoeks) his life becomes far more complicated that he ever expected it could.

The character of Oldman is beautifully set up from the start of the film to be a man who is in total control of his life and everything in it. Consequently, it is hard to believe many of the decisions that he makes from here. Even the first few telephone conversations with Claire seem very out-of-character. There are any ways that this film could be spoilt, so I am treading very carefully, but I will say this: it just didn’t work for me. I’d recommend other films that I think work this kind of thing better, but even that could be a spoiler. Go watch it then see what you think.

The Best Offer was part of the selection at MIFF 2013. It has a limited release from August 29, 2013.

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