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Gangster Squad – Review

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Gangster Squad – Review

16th January by

When I think gangster movies, I think wide brimmed hats, machine guns and phrases “myeahsee” and “I’ll git ya, ya filthy animal”… Well, this is exactly what you’ll get with the new blockbuster flick Gangster Squad; Along with some fantastically crafted action scenes, handfuls of gloriously gory moments, all tied together with a stellar A-list cast.

Gangster Squad
These guys are the epitome of cool
Up and coming director Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland, 30 Seconds Or Less) beautifully brings 1940’s Los Angeles to life showcasing the fashion, the nightlife and the dangerous underworld of the gangs that ruled the streets.

The studio behind the film is genius, knowing exactly how to guarantee bums on seats, cater to what everyone wants…Guns and action for the guys and Ryan Gosling for the girls. Although not the main character, Gosling does his best as broody, smart ass detective Jerry Wooters who reluctantly joins the “Gangster Squad”, a special team of vigilante cops aiming to bring down the vicious Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn at his most ruthless) who is violently taking LA over to make his own.

Heading up the “Gangster Squad” (which does sound like a bad 70’s comicbook) is all-round good guy Sgt. John Omara, Josh Brolin (True Grit, No Country For Old Men, Men In Black 3) who’s heavily pregnant wife decides to help him form his new team, picking an odd collection of detectives each with (much like Liam Neeson in Taken) their specific set of skills. Playing the seductive lady in red (literally, she has red hair) Emma Stone, as bad guy Cohen’s broad, who catches the eye of Gosling, leading to a deadly love triangle.

Emma Stone in Gangster Squad
I don’t care what era she’s from, I’d have a crack.

All in all, you will get exactly what you expect from Gangster Squad, but it is ridiculously fun and surprisingly funny at moments. Ladies, sadly I only counted one topless Gosling scene, but rest assured, there’s plenty of him staring down the camera with those piercing blue ey… sorry where was I? Oh yeah, GO AND SEE THIS FILM!

Trailer: Gangster Squad
If your girlfriend won’t let you pick action movies, one word “Gosling”.
4 out of 5 stars.

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