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Skyfall – Review

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Skyfall – Review

3rd December by

James Bond is James Bond is James Bond. What new is there to be said about it?

He’s charismatic and charming. There’s a bad guy who is seemingly unstoppable.

There are a lot of explosions and (spoiler alert) Bond eventually comes out on top.

I was really disappointed by this film. I’m not sure why; it was everything it was supposed to be. But it did very little for me.

As I was watching something else explode (and I do love seeing things exploding onscreen. I don’t think I’ve seen anything explode for real. I’d probably like that too) I was trying to nut out what it was. Daniel Craig wasn’t doing it for me. Instead of having that cheeky twinkle in the eye that Bond is supposed to have, his eyes just seemed dull and dead.


As for the plot, if you’ve seen a trailer, you know that Bond is shot early on and believed to be dead. Of course, this is a Bond film, so we know he’s not. But it still would have been nice for the suspense to have been drawn out somewhat more, rather than him reappearing so soon.

Plus, all I’ve heard about this film is how amazing Javier Bardem is as the bad guy, but his evil villain was nowhere near as magnificently evil as his performance in No Country For Old Men.

Everything felt really by the book and flat.

Ah well, soon there will be another Hollywood action film that will blow me away.

Skyfall Trailer

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