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Hotel Transylvania – Review

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Hotel Transylvania – Review

23rd November by

Dracula lives in a hotel he has built for all kinds of monsters to keep them safe from humans, who all monsters fear. His daughter is about to turn 118, and is ready to travel the world. Dracula does not want her to go, but he manages to scare her into staying, and he and his monster mates throw her a huge party. However, a spanner is thrown into the works when a real human manages to stumble into the hotel, despite all of Dracula’s safeguards.

Despite enjoying films aimed at kids, I usually find something to rile me up and get annoyed about.

Like, the lion in Madagascar who is trying to be vegetarian. Lions don’t have a choice. Don’t be ridiculous. And don’t get me started on Happy Feet. Hotel Transylvania hasn’t really got enough depth of content for me to get truly riled up. However, I do get cross about the representation of men in these cartoons.



Yes, the representation of men. I see myself as a feminist, and get annoyed that the women are all shown with huge, cute eyes and limbs so slender they’d snap if you gave them a decent high five, but it is the men that annoy me. Why do they all have to look so stupid? And act so stupid? Oh, did you see Brave recently? Not a decent man in the whole film. Idiots and losers. What is wrong with the world? Why can’t we have decent cartoon men?

Oops. I see there is enough in this to get me ranting. Apologies. Back to some semblance of a review.

The human that stumbles in is a stoner backpacker with no respect for the culture he has come across, who instead seeks to change the culture rather than simply observing or partaking in it. Too much of an intellectual read into it? Probably. The more I think about the film, the less I liked it. There are funny moments, but not enough to make it worth watching. I didn’t like the story, I didn’t like the characters. The only thing I liked was trying to figure out who was doing the voices. Didn’t really have much luck with that either. Nope, overall, I just didn’t like this film.

But perhaps I’m finally outgrowing kids films.

Hotel Transylvania is currently screening at all major cinemas.

Hotel Transylvania Trailer

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