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The Sapphires – Review

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The Sapphires – Review

27th August by

The Sapphires tells the story of four beautiful, young Aboriginal women, three sisters and a cousin, who took their soul singing to Vietnam to entertain the troops, enabled and facilitated by an affable drunk Irishman. Along the way, they encounter some bumps, but get their moments of stardom in front of the troops.

This is a delightful road trip with love, lust and good music.

There are a few moments that threatened to become serious – when the women encounter racism in various ways, or the fraught relationship between the eldest sister and the cousin, who has been living in the city.


Initially, I felt that these serious issues were being brushed aside lightly until I recognised the film that it is. It is a light-hearted, feel-good film. It would be wrong for this film to completely ignore the more serious issues, but it is not an issue film.

The Sapphires is charming and lovely and light and funny and I could easily watch it again. Although this makes it sound wussy.

It has soul and guts and determination and strong female characters. Which is nice for a change.

The Sapphires was the opening film of MIFF and is currently playing at cinemas across Australia

The Sapphires Trailer

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