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Playa Case – The Condom Holder for iPhone

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Playa Case – The Condom Holder for iPhone

1st April by

Our friends from Annex Products (Opena Case & Quad Lock case) are at it again, this time, with a product that guarantees protection for your protection!

Today, the guys announce a new product to their ever growing line of functional cases for iPhone, with the first condom holder for iPhone.

The guys hired me to create a video to show off the product.

The Playa™ Case offers protection for you and your iPhone.

The RRP for the Playa is $29,95, but isn’t yet shipping, but you can register your interest on their website.

The Playa Case comes in white, black and hot pink.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/caillin Scott Caillin Lewis

    Regardless of it being in your wallet or in your phone. Airport Security will still see it. I say this because one of the security girls complemented me on not pointlessly bringing a condom to work every day. lol

  • Mara

    I’m a nurse in the U.S. I heard that at a recent conference for public high schools they were discussing distributing these to kids as a form of prevention for STIs (sexually transmitted infections) — because condoms deteriorate when carried in wallets for too long, and kids usually have their phones on them at all times so they’d be more likely to use them. It’s an interesting thought! Parents would probably be furious lol.