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The New iPad – Is The Hype Right?

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The New iPad – Is The Hype Right?

19th March by

The new iPad is out, and I have had a few days to play with it and form an opinion on it. First off, I think it is important to understand my biases — background if you will — that helps formulate my opinion. I have used Apple products for over ten years. I have used them every day with my work in video production.

Over the years, I have bought my fair share of Apple products. Sometimes I have even gone a little over board — I’m looking at you dual Apple 30 inch cinema displays. With this background, I can easily see why some would consider me an Apple fanboy. I do love Apple’s design and easy to use operating system. My most recent Apple fanboy-ness was ‘upgrading’ from an iPhone 4 to a 4S.

So, you’re expecting me to spend this review giving Apple a virtual handjob? Well prepare to be disappointed.

I am in a good position to give you my opinion. I paid over $750 of my own money for an iPad 32GB 3G/WiFi and a smart cover. I have no shares in Apple or any vested interest. Hopefully in this review, you will be left with a good idea of what the new iPad IS and ISN’T. Let’s start with what the new iPad is.

The new iPad (3rd Generation) is the best iPad to date.

Yep, it’s true. The new iPad has a better screen, a slightly better camera on the back and has faster internals. Great, I’m not complaining! In my opinion, the iPad is the best tablet on the market.

The new iPad isn’t revolutionary, it’s simply an incremental update — like any product experiences after a year or so. The reason that you may THINK you need the new iPad is the redonkulous amount of media attention that the new iPad announcement and subsequent release has received. The hype is unwarranted.

Having owned an iPad 1, screen resolution was never an issue. Apple and the media have made it one. All of a sudden, we are praising Apple for fixing the screen, gosh, I don’t know how we survived without the extra resolution!

Don’t get me wrong, the screen looks better. But from what I read of the iPad screen from mainstream media, I was expecting the screen to fix all my problems…and find Kony. Maybe it was this unrealistic expectation that has subsequently ended in a review of disappointment. I’m not disappointed in the product, I’m disappointed in the Apple hype and media attention received.

The screen is just what you expect. It didn’t blow my mind.

One of the most misconceiving things I have seen over the past two days is the screen resolution coverage. Every major blog has reviewed the iPad, with macro photographs showing off the impressive pixels per inch of the new iPad, compared to it’s predecessor. WOW, look at the macro photos, there is some serious difference between the new and old screen. You can literally see the pixels of the old iPad! The problem with this demonstration is it shows the difference between the iPad versions when a lens is an inch away from the screen! Have you ever used an iPad an inch away from you face? It’s uncomfortable to say the least.

The 1st iPad VS the New iPad – The Macro Factor
In the end, you can judge for yourself — in an overcrowded Apple Store — whether the screen makes that much of a difference to your viewing pleasure.

If you need an iPad, or are planning on buying one, I would obviously recommend buying the iPad 3. But wait a month. It is way too easy this week to get caught up in the hype. If you have an iPad 1 or 2, I would be very wary in upgrading. iPad 1 users, if you want a camera, get the iPad 3, if not, keep the one you have — It was the best thing since sliced bread 2 years ago!

The iPad isn’t for everyone. I don’t think the ‘post PC world’ has completely taken over from the old fashioned laptop. Find out whether an iPad is what you need at my old post: Should I Buy An iPad?

What do you think of the new iPad?

What Melbourne Geek’s Co-Editor, Mat, thinks:

As a bit of an experiment, I asked Mat, to give his first thoughts. I read his thoughts after writing this post!

So the new iPad is out today and everyone is losing their shit in the usual storm of hype and fanboy-ism. Don’t get me wrong, I have an iPad 1 because I’m oldschool like that, and I have enough Apple products to fill a backpack, satchel and bumbag, hell my first laptop was a Powerbook G4, yep the titanium one. I’ve been sucking at the proverbial teet of Apple for years, and now I am over the hype and over the shitty incremental “new best thing” that is being released every 6 months.

My first impressions of the new iPad (3) were overall underwhelming. It’s heavier and the retina display makes no real difference to the casual app user or web browser. Seriously, put a iPad 1 and iPad (3) side by side and I can’t tell the difference really. Sure there’s the nifty camera, new A5 processor etc, but really who cares. If you have an iPad already then don’t bother upgrading, if you’re thinking about getting one, sure buy it. I guess my main gripe is that I don’t feel a new iPad was necessary. I’m not one of these guys that demanded more from Apple or scoffs at latest offering not being enough. I just feel that the new iPad (3) isn’t necessary all together. I guess I probably wouldn’t care as much, but the advertising is what pisses me off most, they have to always talk about how magical and “revolutionary” it is, when they know full fucking well that it’s a very basic incremental update of the iPad 2. Beefier CPU/GPU and better resolution (that really isn’t that noticeable). So just advertise it as that: “The new iPad(3), it’s a bit faster, has more pixels… yay”.

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  • Chris

    I disagree about the screen resolution. I upgraded just for the retina display and it’s well worth it. I use my iPad for reading and the higher res makes text super clear and much easier on the eyes. I do have to say that the color looks a little off compared to my old iPad/iMac but it could just be me.

    • Anonymous

      I think that it is a little nicer, but I still don’t believe it is worth the excitement! When you say the colour is a bit off, what do you mean? The colour temp? Does it look bluer?

  • Mark

    Watch as Apple customers try to tell the difference between the new iPad & iPad 2

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for sharing, Mark! I love the fact that the people that did notice the Retina display, had to look at the iPad from a couple of inches away!

      • Dawn Oz

        They were looking a nondescript page, whereas I bought the 3 as I was comparing the text with both of them.  However the there was lots of hype, so I was a bit hyperactive.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Heywood/814502976 Chris Heywood

      I wonder why people thought the 2 was the newer one? Colour temp or brighter setting perhaps?

  • http://twitter.com/elias_h33 Elias Harrak

    I whole heartedly agree, the update doesn’t deserve so much hype. I won’t upgrade from the iPad 2 until it can start pouring me a beer or doing my washing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Heywood/814502976 Chris Heywood

    Good write up, dude. You see the reports from Consumer Reports (US version of Choice) that it runs 12 degrees (F) hotter than the iPad 2?

    I’m going to sit the iPad 3 out. Still can’t justify it given I already have a desktop, two iPhones, a Blackberry, two laptops, a microwave, eight things capable of playing video games, and two bookshelves full of paper books. An iPad would just threaten to throw me into a technology loop:


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