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5 Reasons to Start Your Own Personal Blog

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5 Reasons to Start Your Own Personal Blog

21st March by

New and exciting blogs are popping up online everyday. A lot of them will be abandoned a short time later, some blogs however, will flourish into someone’s obsession — or even their very own business!

Like any creative endeavour, the goal isn’t always to make money.

There are many legitimate reasons to start your own blog.  Here are 5 reasons:

Own your space on the web

Do you find yourself spending a lot of time posting on Facebook or Twitter? Well, think about transferring that energy to play where you have control! We don’t know how long Facebook & Twitter will be around, we don’t even know when they will decide to completely change direction of their sites. Don’t risk your content to an uncertain future. Setting up your own blog, on your own hosting, with your very own domain name, will ensure you will always have your blog, the way you want it!

Be seen on Google

Everyone will have a slightly different reason for starting a blog. You may want to appear as an expert in a specific field or maybe you just want an internet space that you can call home. If you are a graphic designer for instance, blogging about graphic design can be a great way to build up your perceived value to search engines like Google. Having your blog rank for your name can also be extremely valuable. If I receive an email from someone, I will generally Google them to get a bit more context. You can shape people’s perception of you by simply having a great blog and a solid online brand.

Meet interesting people

Blogging is a great way to meet like minded people. I am constantly surprised by the people I get to speak to thanks to my blogging. Use your blog to start discussion. Encourage people to give feedback. It is a great way to open your mind to different views. You may begin to have a following on your blog and your relationships in the comment section can quickly turn into connections on social media, and even real life interaction through meet ups!

Become a critical consumer

One of my favourite things about being a blogger, is that I get to become a more critical consumer. I get to see first hand the workings of PR departments. Instead of taking the latest gadgets at face value, I tend to put my ‘blogger hat’ on and really investigate the pros and cons. In turn, this makes me a better shopper. It helps me determine what’s good and what isn’t.

For the fun of it!

There is a lot of enjoyment to had by blogging. Have an expensive gadget obsessed habit? Start blogging about them and soon enough, you will have manufacturers sending you product to review. Blogging is really rewarding and can be a great outlet from your normal 9 to 5 job.

So, give it a go! Start a blog. Share your thoughts on what matters to you and soon enough, you will have a mountain of work that will become useful in more ways than one!

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  • Mike @ The Blog Designers

    FANTASTIC point about blogging to meet interesting people. Bloggers are just so damn interesting. It’s part of the bloggers DNA to provoke discussion, collaborate on their interests and make the world a slightly more interesting place.

    • Anonymous

      Spot on, Mike! Lot’s of interesting bloggers that are great storytellers. One of my goals this years is to meet more of them!