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The Top Ten Topics on Pinterest

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The Top Ten Topics on Pinterest

26th February by

Pinterest has received a bunch of attention over the past week or two.

At first, I didn’t want to fall for the hype and write about the social network before having a decent amount of time to suss it out for myself.

Now that I have ‘put in the hours’, I can safely say that Pinterest is a beautifully designed, user friendly site; which makes content discovery easy and fun.

A lot of people have mentioned the demographics of the site, saying that a majority of users are female. So I have decided to put a list together of the most popular topics on Pinterest (as determined by me), so you can draw your own conclusion.

The Top Ten Topics on Pinterest (as determined by Josh):



DIY Knitted things for babies

Polka dots

Summer Dresses




Inspirational Quotes

Arts & Craft

What am I missing? What are your favourite topics on Pinterest?

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