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Quad Lock

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Quad Lock

28th January by

New from the same crew that brought you the world’s first iPhone bottle opener case (The Opena Case). The Quad Lock is a revolutionary new mounting system for your iPhone. It is a case based mounting system that allows you to mount your iPhone to your car, a wall, or even a motorbike or bicycle.

So we thought why isn’t there a better case based mounting system that allows you to use your iPhone handsfree everywhere?
The Quad Lock retails for $69.95 (Deluxe Pack), which come with 2 iPhone mounts for your wall and car, as well as the Quad Lock Pro tubular mount for your bike.

The Quad Lock came about due largely to frustrations with existing mounting solutions for the iPhone.The idea was to create a mounting solution that could be applied to various surfaces and allow for quick and easy operation.

The Quad Lock is a case based solution, meaning you chuck your phone into the Quad Lock case and then simply lock it into the Quad Lock mounts which can be attached to any surface (including bike handlebars and other tubular frames).

Find out more at www.quadlockcase.com

We talk to Rob about the Quad Lock and Opena cases for iPhone.

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