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Quad Lock – Mount your iPhone to anything

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Quad Lock – Mount your iPhone to anything

14th January by

There is just over 24 hours left for you to back one of the coolest iPhone accessories of 2011 on KickStarter. The Quad Lock is an iPhone case mounting systems, which makes it easy to attach your iPhone to a bike, car, boat or a wall.


Created by the guys that brought us the slide out bottle opener for the iPhone (the Opena), Melbourne based entrepreneurs Chris Peters and Rob Ward have raised over $38,000 on the crowd funding site, KickStarter, for their latest project.

Although Peters and Ward only announced the Quad Lock idea in November 2011, they have had the idea for the case since the very first iPhone was announced in 2007.

‘There are many parts to the Quad Lock and we didn’t want to put up something so complex as our first ever KickStarter project.’ Peters said

‘After the success with the Opena case, we were confident that we wanted to use crowd funding (Kickstarter) to fund the Quad Lock Project’.

And confident they should be. They have nearly doubled their project goal of $20,000 and have had a lot of positive feedback online.I have been lucky enough to play with the Quad Lock prototype, and I have been super impressed by the easy to use, sleek design of the locking mechanism.

There are two types of mounts for the Quad Lock – The standard mount, which is perfect for mounting to a wall or other controlled situations. And their Pro mount, that incorporates two locking mechanisms into the mount, making it perfect for heavy duty applications like mounting on to a bike, or even on a plane as they show in their product video!

The Quad Lock Case is ultra slim and made from a super tough polycarbonate plastic.

Watch The Quad Lock Video:

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  • TunedIn

    Wow! I have the Opneacase and if thats anything to go by Im definately grabbing a quadlock!!!

  • Lary

    I´m very happy with my Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4S!

    You can use this discount coupon / voucher to get 10% off: http://quadlock.refr.cc/FBNTMJJ