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Moo Facebook Cards

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Moo Facebook Cards

5th January by

Moo, the online printing service, today announced a clever little product that will get suckers like me writing about it. Helping us ‘show off our personality in the real world’ Moo are selling a quick and easy Facebook Cards service, which takes your Facebook timeline cover photo and profile picture and displays it on a business card. The easy to generate cards uses your Facebook information to populate the card with content, after you authorise access to the Moo Facebook app. On the back of the card, you can have a customised quote, as well as your contact details.

Moo have made this new service extra special by giving away 50 free Facebook Cards to the first 200,000 customers. I was able to authorise the app and complete the process within 5 minutes. The big surprise was that when they say ‘free’ they mean it. Shipping to Australia didn’t cost anything and I was pleasantly surprised that they only tried to up sell on the order once. (no I don’t need a card holder for my free Facebook cards).

The Back of the Moo Facebook Cards
It only makes sense to mention Twitter on Facebook Cards!
“There are so many great things about you – so why keep it all online? Take your Facebook Timeline offline, and hand it out to new friends, contacts and potential clients. Facebook Cards are simple to make, excellent quality and help show off your personality in the real world.” Moo says on their website.

I feel a little bit uneasy about having Facebook style cards. Moo are positioning Facebook as a ‘must have’ and an important part of our life. I prefer to think of Facebook as a platform and a commercial entity using our data to sell us stuff. So I didn’t feel like a complete sell out with getting the cards I used the quote section on the card to encourage people to follow me on Twitter – a little ‘F U’ to Facebook.

If you aren’t one of the 200,000 customers, you can buy the Facebook cards – starting at 10 pound for 50 cards.

Moo’s Facebook cards can be found here - http://uk.moo.com/products/facebook-cards.html
What do you think of Moo’s new Facebook Cards offering?

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  • http://robertyoung.me Rob Young

    I found that the UK site had reached it’s limit today but I was able to get free cards by going through the US site.