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Popular Fitbit Ultra – Review

Fitbit Ultra – Review

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Fitbit Ultra – Review

9th January by

If your new years resolution is to be more active and sleep better, I have the perfect gadget for you.

The Fitbit Ultra is a tiny gadget (the size of my pinkie finger) that makes it easy to track your steps and sleep. But don’t be deceived by the Fitbit’s small form factor or simplistic description. What makes the Fitbit unique is it’s easy to follow web interface, that automatically syncs with the data gathered by the Fitbit.

Fitbit Ultra
The Fitbit Ultra clipped onto a pocket

The Fitbit Ultra Design

The makers of the Fitbit have done a fantastic job on the overall design of the Fitbit Ultra. The minimal design contains one button, which can be used to toggle through the real time data provided on the integrated Fitbit screen. The Fitbit clipped nicely on the waist of my pants and on the side of my pockets. The Fitbit Ultra also comes with a heavy duty clip, which can be used on thicker materials or belts. I continually forgot I was wearing the Fitbit as it is extremely lightweight.

Sleep Tracking

The Fitbit Ultra comes with a wristband which the Fitbit clips onto to track sleep. The wrist band is comfy and provides adjustment through its Velcro attachment method. Tracking sleep is really simple. Clip the Fitbit onto the provided wristband and hold down the button until the stopwatch icon appears. Then, in the morning, hold down the button again. The Fitbit tracks any movement during the night, which can be a great indicator on the quality of sleep.

Sleep Tracker
Find out the quality of your sleep through Fitbit sleep tracker.

Fitbit Website

The Fitbit website does a great job in displaying the data gathered by the device. You can easily switch between days and even set goals on how many steps you wish to do each day. The website can also connect you up with your Facebook friends within the Fitbit community. Unfortunately, I don’t have any friends on Fitbit to test out the connectivity. With the logging component of the website, you can log your diet which is a great feature for those calorie counting.

Fitbit Sync

The Fitbit comes with a USB docking station for charging. When the Fitbit is within 15 feet of the dock, the Fitbit can automatically sync data to the website. I had a few problems trying to get the Fitbit to sync at the beginning . The problem was resolved once I restarted my computer once having the Fitbit update software installed.

Fitbit VS Pedometer

I have used numerous pedometers over the years and the Fitbit is by far the best I have used. For the $99 tag, you are getting a lot more than just your steps tracked. The Fitbit connects any activity to the time, perfect for seeing patterns of when you are most active.

With the time built directly into the Fitbit, the device will automatically reset steps each day – most pedometers require you to reset the steps manually.

iPhone App in Australia

All the functions of the Fitbit work in Australia. You can even change from the imperial system to metric, with ease. The only thing that you can’t get here in Australia is the Fitbit iPhone application.

You can, however, setup a US iTunes account to buy the application, but even without the iPhone application, the Fitbit is a great purchase.

Buy a Fitbit in Australia

Trying to buy the Fitbit in Australia took a bit of research. The Fitbit website does not ship to Australia, as the Fitbit’s wireless element has not been approved in by the Australia regulators. I found a few people selling the Fitbit on Ebay, but at a drastically inflated price (nearly double the price).

I ended up buying my Fitbit from Amazon, which worked perfectly. Amazon ships the Fitbit to Australia, which means you can add it to your next order of books!

The Fitbit is the perfect device for those geeks interested in tracking their life!

Fitbit Ultra – Review

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  • http://www.organicbabe.com.au Organic Babe and Kids Wear

    The fit bit ultra sounds amazing and am going to order two – one for myself and one for my niece who is a runner.
    I hope it will be all it says to be.

  • Malcolm Twining – The Raw News

    Great and professional review Josh.
    It was very helpful in my research for the worlds best training support program!I wonder whats holding up the Ultra Fitbit from coming in to Australia?Malcolm 

  • Jen

    Hi, I just tried to order this, and it would not send to my address in South Australia. I couldn’t see anywhere on the site why it would not, I usually by ebooks so I am not familiar with shipping restrictions etc. I hope this is available here soon :)

    • Anonymous

      Hey Jen,

      That is strange! There have been a lot of Aussies that have bought the FitBit using Amazon. What I would recommend is that you make sure that your cart is empty, then come back here and click on this link - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005PUONIK/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_til?tag=melbgeek-20&camp=14573&creative=327641&linkCode=as1&creativeASIN=B005PUONIK&adid=15XKBWV33EEMPM3R7RZN&&ref-refURL=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.melbournegeek.com%2F2012%2F01%2Ffitbit-ultra-review%2FThere are a few people on Amazon selling FitBits and they don’t all ship to Australia.Hope that helps!


  • Pablo

    I have had mine since christmas and its great … had a friend send it from the US … just a good way to let you know how active you are…. I was surprised how inactive I was on some days … just going shopping can get you over the recommended 10k steps a day …. easy to use …though i need to get a leash for it they are so small and light you can easy forget you have it with you and wash it or drop it … quite a few people online are on their second or third fitbit !

  • Jennadsmith

    Hiya Josh, thanks for your reply, I tried your link and no it still wont ship to my address. Maybe its because its SA?? I keep trying or perhaps find someone who can get me one thanks :)

    • joshjanssen

      Hey :)

      We were also having problems with shipping to Australia (last week). It seems like Fitbit had blacked Australia on Amazon, but it has now been unblocked. An Australian reader just commented to let us know, so I thought you might be interested in trying again!


      • Jen

        OH Fab!! thanks Josh :)  

      • Jennadsmith

        Hey Josh I tried again, still no go :( and I have no idea why if you could shed some light, that would be great. I live an hour out of Adelaide (river town) South Australia. :)

        • Heather

          try amazon.co.uk, that’s were I got mine!

      • Jennadsmith

        Hi Josh, finally success and its on its way. Cant wait! I also downloaded the iphone app as well. Thanks for your help


  • Guest

     Heya! Great review.

    I was just wondering if you are still finding the Fitbit really handy a couple of months in or has it kinda lost it’s appeal?

    • schelle

      I’ve had mine for a couple of months and I still wear it daily.  As it gives me daily calorie burn as well as weekly averages so it’s great for weight maintenance (or loss when needed). As I (like many) can easily delude myself that I’m getting enough sleep – it shows me the reality and ensures I pull my head in.  Has been worth every cent.

  • http://twitter.com/samuelleung83 Samuel Leung

    Been looking for this in Australia for some time now.. Why on earth I didn’t think of Amazon is beyond me but hey, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.  You’ve got a new follower from Tassie.

  • Brandon Debomford

    i use both a iphone and a htc android and i have the fit bit application installed on the android 

    problem solved 

  • Dumontfrancine

    francine, russell island – thinking about it my friend in the states is all enthoused and
    addicted to it, I am just a little bit too busy , once I slow down I ll try it.
    Amazon definitely the way to go.But sounds worse than being married
    and have n t figured how to make room for my love life.
    r isld  off brisbane australia

  • Prue_day

    Thank you so much for review, you answered all the questions I was looking for! Great job!

  • Corls

    Thanks for your review! Do you use the food recording feature at all? If so, how do you find it?

  • ASCanberra

    Hi Josh, do you know if the Fitbit Ultra has any ability to track heart rate??? or a different device that is similar to the fitbit but additionally can track hear rate?

    Also I have been trying to download the android app onto my htc phone, but I keep getting a blocking message saying the app is not available in Australia, any suggestions?


  • http://www.facebook.com/thedekker Nick Dekker

    I wonder how this would go against the Nike+ Fuel Band