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How to Download & Show Off Your Instagram Photos

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How to Download & Show Off Your Instagram Photos

11th May by

If you haven’t heard - Instagram is a crazy popular photo sharing service.
It’s hit an impressive 3 million users in just 6 months and it’s only available as an iPhone app!

Like many others I quickly became hooked to running my photos through their retro/toy camera filters & sharing the results with friends.

I wanted to get a hold of the 200 or so photos that I’d uploaded to instagram (as I’d deleted some from my camera roll).

If you have all your photos in your camera roll skip this bit !

How to download your Instagram photos:

1. Fire up Firefox
2. Visit inkstagram.com
3. Login with your instagram user/password
4. Click ‘Full’ in the bottom right hand corner
5. Once your photos load scroll down and hit ‘load more’
6. Repeat step 5 until you can see all of your photos
7. Then in Firefox select File -> Save Page As
8. Select Web Page, Complete
9. This will then save all of your instagram photos to your desktop !

A few Notes:
- If Inkstagram doesn’t work out for you can use the same method on instagrid.me
- The highest resolution instagam pics I could find are 612px x 612px (at 72 dpi).
- I’ve heard Instragram are working on a website & I assume we’ll be able to access/download our photos.

Now you have your photos on your desktop,
It’s time to show off your best frames.

1. Design & print your own Poster with Posterino
2. Create a desktop wallpaper with Posterino or Photoshop
3. Print a poster or mini stickers via http://printstagr.am/
4. Print up some stickers http://www.artflakes.com/en/artsticker
5. Print your frames onto Tee Shirts & Mugs http://instamaker.com/

Instagram is popular because of its ease of use, extensive sharing options and built in social network. Being able to print my Instagram photos takes it to a whole new level!


Also, check out your Instagram Stats!

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  • Tanika

    awesome episode!! well edited and interesting :) look forward to next one..

  • Tom

    Very cool, but how can I get them in some kind of order ?

  • http://twitter.com/maorezer Maor Ezer

    Thanks man – it worked!
    Although the quality is low…to get all the pics in their original format I have to enter each page and save?

  • Martinez Marsha

    thanx!! it worked!  its there any chance you can download some other users photos?  Ive seen masterpieces and would like to print them out and put them on a wall jijiji

  • http://www.facebook.com/tgmoren Thad Moren

    Want to be a millionaire?  Excuse me if this already exists, if it doesn’t someone message me and let me know where to buy one.  I want a digital frame, 10×10 that checks my instagram account and downloads and displays the newest photo automatically.  The frame also needs settings to download the 2nd newest photo, 3rd newest, etc.  Just in case I put up 3 or 4 of these frames around the house or office, they would all have different photos at any one time.

  • Annekaaaaa


  • Fionafursman

    didnt work

  • http://www.tnmg-designs.com.au/ Tristan Nyhuis

    This is probably the 5th time coming back to use this method. Its just so simple. Thought I’d say thanks for the post. Very helpful.

  • http://twitter.com/SeaGlassLover ECoastSeaGlassHunter

    There has to be an easier way? I see people take shot and two second later it’s on Insta.

  • baba

    fuck u

  • http://stoff-schmie.de/ Stoff-Schmie.de

    Just print some fabrics with instagram photo collages… http://www.stoff-schmie.de/blog-stoff/insta-stoff

  • Abmer

    Thanks you for your sharing.
    Apart from this, a new apps Instagrab allow the user download the photos and videos from Instagram.It will be more convenience and easily to view the photos an d videos.